Bylaws are rules which are passed by an organization or public body other than a legislature, such as a municipal government or corporation.

Many Alberta municipalities provide online access to either all or some of their bylaws. Use the resources below to find the website of the municipality that interests you.



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Municipal Bylaw Tickets in Alberta

This helpful resource is a publication of BearPaw Legal Education. It answers the questions what is a bylaw, provides information on the penalties that can be levied if you violate a bylaw and what you should do if you are notified that you have violated a bylaw. It also provides information on what you can do if you are unable to pay the ticket immediately.

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Municipal Bylaws of Alberta is an online collection of Our Future, Our Past: The Alberta Heritage Digitization Project (AHDP). ADHP is an ongoing, not-for-profit endeavor to provide all those interested in Alberta's history free, online access to cultural and heritage materials. Libraries and Cultural Resources, with the support of the Alberta Law Foundation, presents many of the municipal bylaws that have helped shape the development of Alberta. The collection is historical, but the site also provides links to current municipal websites.

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The Municipal Profiles are from Alberta Municipal Affairs and contain a compilation of statistical, financial, and other information about municipalities in the Province of Alberta. The information is based on data made available to and reports submitted to Alberta Municipal Affairs. The Ministry is not responsible for the accuracy of the information. Users are encouraged to verify the accuracy of the information contained in the Municipal Profiles before relying on it. Select a municipality from the list and then click on the "Contacts" icon to get access to that municipality's website.

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