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DUI FYI (Impaired Driving Facts) - Video

It’s never safe to drive impaired. Provincial penalties, criminal offenses, legal limits… what does it really mean to drive impaired? What happens at a roadside stop? Do you have any rights when police suspect you of driving impaired? A Youtube production from BearPaw Legal.

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Le cannabis à des fins médicales en vertu de la Loi sur le cannabis : renseignements et améliorations

Apprenez-en davantage sur la façon d'accéder au cannabis à des fins médicales.

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Lois et réglementation sur le cannabis

Renseignements sur le cannabis, le processus de légalisation, le cannabis dans les provinces et les territoires et les lois sur la conduite automobile.

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Decriminalization of Cannabis and Canadian Youth

In a previous blog post, the authors summarized the new federal, provincial, and municipal laws pertaining to cannabis. One of the key policy issues for all three levels of government is the impact that legalization will have on young people. This blog post discusses the policy issues which affect canada's youth.

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Cannabis Use in Alberta Parks

Cannabis use at Alberta Parks sites aligns with the Alberta Cannabis Framework. The page provides information on the rules that apply in Alberta parks regarding the use of cannabis.

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Primer on Cannabis Regulation

Legislation Commented On: Cannabis Act, SC 2018, c 16; Cannabis Regulations, SOR/2018-144; Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act, RSA 2000, c G-1; Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Regulation, Alta Reg 143/996

ABlawg: The University of Calgary Faculty of Law Blog includes commentary by faculty members, sessional instructors, research associates at our affiliated institutes, and students on court and tribunal decisions as well as legislative and policy developments in Alberta and beyond.

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Alberta DrugSafe

DrugSafe is a trusted source for Albertans to find vital information on reducing the harm of drugs and alcohol. This information on cannabis, alcohol and opiods is provided by Alberta Health Services.

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Access to cannabis for medical purposes

Apprenez-en davantage sur la façon d'accéder au cannabis à des fins médicales.

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Canadian Civil Liberties Association - Cannabis Legalisation

Ask an Expert: Cannabis Legalisation with Abby Deshman The video topics in the YouTube series are: 

  • Cannabis and the U.S. Border
  • Cannabis Legalisation
  • Cannabis and the Home
  • When Cannabis is Legal or Illegal
  • Cannabis and the Workplace
  • Cannabis and Driving
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Alberta Cannabis

The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) is responsible for regulating private retail cannabis, the distribution of cannabis and operation of Alberta's only legal online cannabis store. On this page you can learn about: albertacannabis.org, Alberta's only legal, non-medical online cannabis store; cannabis legislation and policies, working in the industry, using cannabis responsibly, and answers to commonly asked questions.