Laws of Canada

This section provides access to sources of Canadian primary legal materials, such as statutes, and cases. The resources provide in this section are links to federal legislative materials: Bills (proposed laws under consideration by Parliament); Statutes (laws passed by Parliament, also known as Acts); and Regulations (rules, created under the authority as assigned in the Acts, which also have the full force of law).

The menu item Structure of Canadian Law provides resources that describe how the law is created and organized

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CPLEA Suggested Resources

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Alberta Resources

This guide was devloped for frontline service providers in Alberta who work with vulneable individuals. It provides general legal information on Alberta law only. The booklet covers the laws of Canada (legislation, jurisdiction, and common law) as well as the court system in Alberta (Provincial, Court of Queen's Benchl, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court of Canada, Federal Courts and Tribunals, and Provincial Administrative Tribunals).

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