Consumer protection

When you are buying goods and services, sometimes you can have problems. These resources may help you deal with concerns about product safety, returns and exchanges, unfair business practices, or other consumer complaints.

The resources on this page were hand-picked by the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta's staff as a good place to start.

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CPLEA Suggested Resources

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Alberta Resources

The Time Share Contracts Regulation under the Consumer Protection Act has been expanded to include the sale of points-based time share contracts. This tipsheet provides information if you offer, solicit, negotiate or conclude a traditional time share or points-based time share contract in Alberta.
Related legal topic(s): Consumer protection and fraud, Contracts

The Consumer Protection Act protects consumers from unfair business practices before, during or after a consumer transaction. See also: Canadian Legal FAQs on Alberta consumer protections at

Related legal topic(s): Consumer protection and fraud, Contracts

Learn about legal options and debt repayment if you caused injury to someone in a motor vehicle accident and you didn’t have insurance.

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The Utilities Consumer Advocate has a mandate to educate, advocate and mediate for Alberta's residential, farm, and small business energy consumers. The UCA represents Alberta small consumers by acting as the voice of consumers during regulatory proceedings to ensure the lowest regulated rates consistent with reasonable service, and by providing consumers with the information they need to make informed choices about how to purchase electricity and natural gas, based on their individual circumstances. When consumers have exhausted known avenues of issue resolution, the UCA will investigate and mediate concerns with utility companies.

Related legal topic(s): Advocacy, Consumer protection and fraud, Landlord and tenant, Mediation and alternative dispute resolution

This is a guide on how to buy products and services in Alberta and contains information about your consumer rights. You will need to buy certain items and you will need to use certain services as you settle into as you start your new life in Alberta.

Related legal topic(s): Consumer protection and fraud, Contracts, Credit and debt, Landlord and tenant

A deferred payment plan happens when arrangements are made for a debt to go unpaid until sometime in the future. This publication provieds an overview of the ins and outs of a deferred payment plan and what it means to the consumer.
Related legal topic(s): Consumer protection and fraud, Contracts, Credit and debt

This web resource produced by Calgary Legal Guidance discusses things to consider when you are buying goods.

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The Handbook was created and is updated by the Consumer Measures Committee, a joint committee of federal, provincial and territorial governments. The objective of the Handbook is to help Canadian consumers become better-informed and more confident.
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The Consumers' Association of Canada (CAC), founded in 1947, is an independent, not-for-profit, volunteer-based, charitable organization. CAC's mandate is to inform and educate consumers on marketplace issues, to advocate for consumers with government and industry, and work with government and industry to solve marketplace problems. CAC focuses its work in the areas of food, health, trade, standards, financial services, communications industries and other marketplace issues as they emerge.

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This web page has information about your legal responsibilities when you have a joint or shared credit card. It describes how authorized users (or secondary users) can affect you and your liabilities.

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If you are victim of identity theft or identity fraud, you should immediately take some basic steps to prevent further crimes from happening and to restore your credit and good name. Navigating through the system as a victim can be time-consuming and confusing. This guide should help start you off in the right direction.
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This colourful infographic from the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta provides information about cell phone contracts and the legal rights and responsibilities associated with them. The image file is available for free download or print copies can be ordered at no charge.

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